T.R. Hoover is dedicated to enhancing, empowering, and delivering comprehensive, cooperative solutions that make a positive difference in the South Dallas community by offering affordable housing, promoting economic growth, and fostering community development. We strive to advocate for and tackle the challenges of poverty, economic disinvestment, urban decay, deteriorating infrastructure, neighborhood security, and the increasing rates of joblessness.

During the late 1980s, we established ourselves as a grassroots neighborhood association which eventually evolved into the Ideal Neighborhood Association. This association was made up of low-income families who aimed to combat the negative developments occurring in their community. In 1997, a select few from the association came together to create the T. R. Hoover Community Development Corporation (TRHCDC). This organization obtained its 501(c)(3) status and started to tackle various issues such as economic disinvestment, blight, deteriorating infrastructure, neighborhood safety concerns, and the increasing unemployment rates in the South Dallas Community.

The T.R. Hoover CDC has actively engaged with its residents to actively contribute to the development of the community. With the dedicated efforts and strong support from the residents, significant progress has been made, resulting in the establishment of the TRHCDC Multipurpose Center and the construction of 55 new single infill homes.

Presently, the T.R. Hoover CDC caters to the needs of children, adults, and seniors in the South Dallas area through a range of programs. These include after school and summer care, seniors helping seniors, referral services for housing and food assistance, licensed daycare, donation giveaway tables, ESL training, and various seasonal programs.

Sherri Mixon

Executive Director, Mentor, Change Agent


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We offer a variety of programs and events taking place at TR Hoover. By getting involved with TR Hoover, you can contribute to the continuous improvement of our community. Let's collaborate and create a positive impact together.



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We are eager to collaborate with corporations, businesses, and other nonprofit organizations to establish partnerships. Through our joint efforts, we can tackle social issues and collectively strive to enhance our community.


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